A great place to live & study

Published: 2016-10-26 Views: 1005

Studying at Xiamen University’s School of Law was one of the best scholastic experiences I had during my entire academic career. The professors and staff at the school were all first-rate. You could really tell that they cared about the students and the quality of the programing at the law school. Course materials were always well prepared and presented in an easy to understand manner without losing nuances. I particularly appreciated the way my professors provided students with the knowledge and guidance necessary to understand the course materials, while at the same, facilitating an academic environment of openness, participation and analytical thought.


The amazing learning environment at Xiamen University is also reflected in its students. The colleagues and friends I met and learned alongside were kind, welcoming and full of spirit. I will never forget their generosity towards me and will always be thankful for their friendships.


Located beside luscious botanical gardens, sandy beaches and fun seaside resorts, Xiamen University’s campus is also one of the most beautiful in the world. I loved living there. Whether eating fresh fruit, meats and vegetables on campus, or meeting friends at one of the many cafes, restaurants or bars nearby, Xiamen certainly has a lot of amazing amenities to offer its residents.


I wholeheartedly recommend Xiamen University’s School of Law to any student looking for a great place to live, study and meet new people. The legal information and skills I learned at Xiamen have already benefited me greatly in my career and the friends I made I will keep for a lifetime.


Bruce Walkinshaw, J.D.

Vancouver, Canada