A Surrounding For Excellence

Published: 2016-09-09 Views: 1137

The core essence of the human life is to be the best you can ever be by unearthing every potential that lies in man. The duty and beauty of education is hence not only to ensure the discovery and instilling of essence and skill by the impact of knowledge but to unearth these hidden potentials in man. The ability of an academic institute to achieve this is the hall mark of its prominence. From Cambridge University in England to the Yale University in the United States of America and the University of Ghana in Africa, universities worldwide have proven that indeed an academic institute does have the ability to play a significant role in the transformation of lives for national development.

From a humble beginning in Ghana in the West of Africa, my journey to being the best I can be has led to the pursuit of academic excellence in one of the world’s fastest developing nations, China. Currently pursuing my Masters in the International Law program of Chinese Civil and Commercial Law in the University of Xiamen, my conviction on the relevance of an academic institute in the development and unearthing of one’s essence and skill has not been stronger. The abundant supply of knowledge and the provision of a highly conducive environment for studies is simply a “Surrounding for Excellence”.

Located in the Fujian province in the southern part of China along the coastal line and beneath the towering hills, the University of Xiamen has indeed proven to be more than what I hoped and expected from the very day I realised I had gained admission into this prestigious university. Knowing that I was going to study law in one of the best institutions in the field in China and the world I was filled with so much joy. Building up expectations until my arrival on the 12th of September 2015, I was not only blown away by the amazing sceneries and beauty of the environment but also the great presence of other international students from countries in various continents across the world.

With a high appreciation for order and organization I realised the University had a well laid out plan for registration for both the accommodation and academic field of its students especially for us who had to travel close to 24 hours to get the University. It was also heart-warming to find the readiness and availability of both administrative officers and students alike who were on stand-by to help anyone with an issue. The highly technological system of the university was really to my advantage as I spent little time in registration and acquisition of documents. With all said and done after visitations to the university hospital and Foreigners Bureaux I was ready and in waiting to acquire my residence permit to stay and study in the great land of China.

Resident in the Siming campus of the University, the atmosphere radiated with a sense of seriousness and discipline for academic excellence and with a constant supply of basic utilities of water, electricity and access to internet I knew this was the best place to be at this point in my academic progression. I in no time realised I shared a lot in common with both Chinese and fellow international students alike and the most notable being the desire to be the best and unearth my potential by intellectual interaction and guided knowledge acquisition. The atmosphere on campus was consumed with a hunger for impact in our various nations and a deep crave for academic success as every student I interacted with desired to be the best they could ever be.

As all was set for my academic pursuit to begin, I was itching to get on the way with effective studies and with academic work unfolding I could do little but to be in agreement with the university’s boast in quality teaching stuff and appropriate lecturing systems. The proficiency of the Chinese lecturers in the English language was quite astonishing as many spoke with little or no stress. The presentations and lecturing styles were also very commendable as it was very involving and built a comparism between the Chinese mannerisms and that of our various countries. The continuous reference to the international standard was also very helpful as it provided a global perspective to our studies.

The lecturers provided various avenues to reach out and contact them with our questions and requests. This for me was the climax of my joy. They were willing to provide us with council beyond our time in the university and exactly what to do that would make us relevant in our various quarters as lawyers and general scholars in our various fields. The Master’s program in the Law School of Xiamen University also required the students to make periodic research and presentations on selected topics as approved by the lecturers. This did not only encourage us to research into our fields of study in our various countries but to also be exposed to knowledge from other countries as we shared experiences from our countries.

Studying in China has so far been a completely wonderful experience and as much fun outside the classroom and compared to being in the class room of the Law School. My studying of the Chinese language is at its all-time high and I am really enjoying the rich culture of China. The food, the music and the general way of life is something worth noting. Though I sometime go through some slight social and cultural shocks I understand that culture is diverse and dynamic and the appreciation of every culture is key for peaceful co-existence in the world.

I have no iota of doubt that I have made the best choice by accepting to progress in the academic ladder in Xiamen University. I believe it is a great citadel of academia and provides the perfect environment for studies. Just as the title of my article suggests, I am in a “Surrounding for Excellence”. Everything seems rightly placed and at my disposal to yield the best of results in my stay and study in China. I really appreciate the government of China for providing me the opportunity to stay and study in China and believe that someday as an alumni of this great institute I will make the University of Xiamen and the government of China very proud for this opportunity granted me.

Perry Ackon.

LLM. Chinese Civil and Commercial Law,

Xiamen University.