2017 XMU FunGames|You're the starring role of this reality show!

Published: 2017-05-08 Views: 487

Note: This article is from the Wechat Public Account "XMU Graduate Students Union"

Think of those popular outdoors reality shows
From GoFighting, Running Man, to the Amazing Race
We’ve been amazed at the wisdom and courage of human

But have you ever imagined
that you can experience a different life like them?
Now is the chance to realize it

Let’s get out of the web world and run to the playground
Come join us in the Fun Games
Call your friends to form a team

Here you can build up your body and mind
meet new people, develop a friendship
and cultivate teamwork spirit

2017 Xiamen University Fun Games

Time: May 13th, 2017 at 13:30
Place: Shangxian Playground
Entry Requirement:Team of four consisting of at least one girl,one boy and one overseas (Hongkong, Macao and Taiwan or international) student. You can sign up alone or in teams.

Bonus & Awards
The First Place: 800RMB
The Second Place: 600RMB
The Third Place: 400RMB

1.Download the registration form at http://yjsh.xmu.edu.cn/4559/list.htm,fill it out, and send it to xmdxqwydh513@163.com
2. Click the “Read More” link below to register on WeChat platform
3. Note: every participant should fill out the registration form. Our staff will group participants that have the same team names.
Tips for the Game
Learning to sing the English song Just A Kiss or the Chinese song Xiaojiuwo in advance will help you win the game.

Graduate Students Union of Xiamen University